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Cadre provides our clients innovative solutions and unique perspectives in the mixed-use commercial real estate field. Mixed-use commercial real estate is a type of property that integrates residential, commercial, and sometimes even industrial elements into a single structure or complex. These multi-purpose properties typically combine retail, residential, office, or even hospitality spaces, promoting the efficient use of space and creating lively environments.

Our Advantage

We are highly specialized in all classes of commercial real estate assets, with a particular emphasis on mixed-use properties. This specialization allows us to understand and capitalize on these properties' unique opportunities and challenges, from tenant diversity to zoning considerations. We adopt a “hands-on” approach to every deal, customizing our strategies to the unique characteristics of each mixed-use property to guarantee the most favorable outcomes for you.

The Cadre Difference

Our expertise lies in collaborating with owners of commercial real estate assets, particularly those in mixed-use properties. We advise and represent them in the sale of their assets. We bring the utmost levels of knowledge and proficiency to every transaction. Our tested and strategic method of selling, which considers the specific demands and benefits of mixed-use properties, will be tailored to your particular asset. We implement this confidentially and professionally to ensure you receive the best value. Our understanding of the dynamic and diverse nature of mixed-use commercial real estate allows us to maximize value for our clients.

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