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Cadre provides innovative solutions and unique perspectives to our clients in the industrial commercial real estate sector. Industrial commercial real estate refers to properties that are used for industrial activities such as manufacturing, production, research and development, storage, and distribution. These properties can vary significantly in size and design, from small, flexible "flex" properties that combine office and warehouse space, to massive distribution centers.

Our Advantage

Our team boasts an extensive specialization in every category of commercial real estate assets, specifically focusing on industrial properties. Such deep understanding empowers us to identify and exploit unique opportunities while effectively addressing any challenges associated with these assets, ranging from operational efficiency to environmental concerns. We commit to active involvement in each transaction, fine-tuning our approach based on the distinctive traits of every industrial property, with a promise to deliver optimal results.

The Cadre Difference

We excel in teaming up with owners of commercial real estate assets, especially those who own industrial properties. We provide advice and act as their representative in asset sales. Each transaction is a showcase of our superior knowledge and skill set. Our proven and tactical sales approach, designed to cater to industrial properties' distinctive needs and advantages, will be customized to fit your specific asset. This strategy is carried out with utmost confidentiality and professionalism, ensuring you achieve the highest possible value. Our comprehensive understanding of the complex and varied landscape of industrial commercial real estate sets us apart and enables us to maximize value for our clientele.

Industrial Building
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