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Cadre offers our clients state-of-the-art solutions and distinctive perspectives in the multi-family commercial real estate sector. Multi-family commercial real estate involves properties consisting of multiple separate housing units within one building or several buildings within one complex, typically rented out.

Our Advantage

We hold a profound specialization across all types of commercial real estate assets, with a special concentration on multi-family properties. This expertise enables us to understand and harness the unique opportunities and resolve the inherent challenges associated with these properties, from managing tenant turnover to addressing maintenance requirements. We commit to a proactive, personal approach in each transaction, aligning our strategies with the specific characteristics of each multi-family property to ensure the most advantageous results for you.

The Cadre Difference

We excel in partnering with owners of commercial real estate assets, particularly in the multi-family realm. We offer expert advice and represent their interests in the asset sales process. We uphold the highest levels of knowledge and competency in every transaction. Our proven and effective method of selling, which considers the unique needs and benefits of multi-family properties, will be tailored to your specific asset. We execute this strategy with absolute discretion and professionalism, ensuring you reap the maximum possible value. Our extensive knowledge of the multifaceted and dynamic landscape of multi-family commercial real estate allows us to maximize returns for our clients.

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